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Celebrating New Year's Eve 2024 in Spanish Countries

As we all know, Año Nuevo (New Year) is celebrated around the world. We say farewell to the previous year and welcome the upcoming year full of hope and wishes for peace, prosperity and happiness.

In Hispanic countries, there are a few rituals people do on Fin de Año (New Year's Eve) to welcome the new year.

Las doce uvas de la suerte

Quite literally the Twelve Grapes of Luck, this tradition started in Europe in the 19th century and spread throughout the world.

It consists of eating 12 grapes at 12 a.m and making a wish for each one you eat. The twelve grapes represent the twelve months of the year.

Maletas para viajar mas

Loosely translated as "Suitcases to Travel More", this is a uniquely Latinx tradition.

People who love to travel take their bags on New Year's Eve at 12 am and walk around the block, dragging the bag as a good luck charm. This is a guarantee to be able to travel in the upcoming year!

Día de los Reyes Magos

Known as the Day of the Three Wise Kings, this holiday honors the arrival of the Three Wise Kings. It is one of the most important days in Spain, as it represents the day when the Kings bring presents for the kids!

La quema del Año Viejo

In countries like Ecuador and Colombia, people take a puppet of an old man, write a list of all the bad things that happened during the year and burn it while dancing around it. This symbolic Burning of the Old Year signifies letting go of all the bad things and making room for good things in the new year!

Burning the Old Year

So, now that you have learned the Holiday Traditions in Hispanic Countries, I hope you can one day get to participate in these fun and beautiful events .


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