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English translation of zuppa


The Italian word 'zuppa' directly translates to 'soup' in English. It is used in the same context as in English, referring to a liquid dish, often containing pieces of solid food. It can be served as a starter or a main course, and there are many varieties of 'zuppa' in Italian cuisine, such as 'minestrone' and 'ribollita'.

Example sentences using: zuppa

Mi piace mangiare la zuppa per cena.

English translation of Mi piace mangiare la zuppa per cena.

I like to eat soup for dinner.

This phrase indicates a preference for having soup as a dinner meal, sharing it in a general statement in present tense.

La zuppa è troppo calda.

English translation of La zuppa è troppo calda.

The soup is too hot.

This phrase is typically used when someone needs to express that the temperature of the soup is too high for consumption, mentioning it as a current condition.

Hai fatto la zuppa?

English translation of Hai fatto la zuppa?

Did you make the soup?

This phrase is a question asking if the other person has prepared the soup, implying it in a past event.

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