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English translation of voglio


The Italian word 'voglio' translates to 'want' in English. It is generally used to express a desire or need for something. It is the first person singular present indicative form of the verb 'volere'. This verb is commonly used in Italian conversation, so it's an important word to know.

Example sentences using: voglio

Voglio andare al cinema

English translation of Voglio andare al cinema

I want to go to the cinema

This is a basic sentence showing the use of 'voglio' which means 'I want'. 'Andare' is the verb to go, 'al' is the contraction of 'a il' that means 'to the' and 'cinema' means 'cinema'.

Non voglio mangiare ora

English translation of Non voglio mangiare ora

I don't want to eat now

This example shows how to use 'voglio' in a negative sentence. 'Non' means 'not', 'mangiare' means 'to eat', and 'ora' means 'now'.

Voglio comprare un libro

English translation of Voglio comprare un libro

I want to buy a book

In this sentence, 'comprare' means 'to buy' and 'un libro' means 'a book'. This illustrates the use of 'voglio' when expressing a desire to obtain or purchase something.

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