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English translation of vita


In Italian, 'vita' is used to refer to life. It covers all aspects of human existence, from one's personal life ('la mia vita') to life in general ('la vita'). The term is used broadly and can be found in a variety of contexts, just like in English.

Example sentences using: vita

La vita è bella.

English translation of La vita è bella.

Life is beautiful.

This sentence is used to express a feeling of joy and appreciation for life, and is often used in conversations to convey a positive and optimistic outlook.

È la dolce vita.

English translation of È la dolce vita.

It's the sweet life.

The phrase 'dolce vita' is used to describe a life of pleasure and luxury. This sentence is usually used in conversations to express a sense of contentment and satisfaction with life.

La vita continua.

English translation of La vita continua.

Life goes on.

This phrase is used to assert the continuity of life, despite difficulties or setbacks. It frequently used in conversations to express the belief that one must keep moving forward regardless of what life throws at them.

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