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English translation of violino


In Italian, 'violino' refers to the string instrument known as a violin in English. It is used in sentences similar to the ways it is used in English, for example, 'Io suono il violino' means 'I play the violin'. Just like in English, 'violino' can be used to refer to the actual instrument, the sound it makes, or the skill involved in playing it.

Example sentences using: violino

Gioco del violino ogni giorno.

English translation of Gioco del violino ogni giorno.

I play the violin every day.

This sentence is a typical expression of a daily routine activity, using the Italian verb 'gioco' (I play) and the determinant 'il' before 'violino' to express 'the violin'.

Il suono del violino è dolce.

English translation of Il suono del violino è dolce.

The sound of the violin is sweet.

This sentence helps describe an immaterial quality using the Italian adjective 'dolce' (sweet). It's a typical use case for comparing senses to other experiences such as flavors.

Ho comprato un violino nuovo.

English translation of Ho comprato un violino nuovo.

I bought a new violin.

The sentence is a common expression of past action where the Italian verb 'ho comprato' using past participle indicates 'I have bought'. Word-order follows that English where the adjective 'nuovo' (new) comes after 'violino' (violin).

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