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English translation of via


The Italian word 'via' is used to express the concept of 'way' in various contexts. It can refer to a route or path to reach a destination, similar to 'street' or 'road' in English. It can also be used in a more abstract sense to express a method or manner of doing something, like 'way' in English. For example, 'There's a way to solve this problem.' can be translated to 'C'è un modo per risolvere questo problema.' or 'C'è una via per risolvere questo problema.' in Italian.

Example sentences using: via

Vivo via Dante.

English translation of Vivo via Dante.

I live on Dante street.

In this sentence, 'via' is used as a preposition indicating a specific location, similar to how 'on' is used in English to denote a street location.

Andiamo via ora.

English translation of Andiamo via ora.

Let's go away now.

Here, 'via' is used as an adverb that indicates movement or direction away from a place, similar to the usage of 'away' in English.

Spedisco questo pacchetto via aerea.

English translation of Spedisco questo pacchetto via aerea.

I'm sending this package by air.

In this context, 'via' is used to indicate the method or manner in which something is done. In English, it would correspond to 'by', when referring to a means or method.

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