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English translation of verso


The Italian word 'verso' is used in the same context as the English word 'toward'. It indicates the direction in which something is oriented or moving. For example, in the sentence 'Andiamo verso la stazione' (We are going toward the station).

Example sentences using: verso

Sto andando verso la scuola.

English translation of Sto andando verso la scuola.

I am going towards the school.

In this sentence, 'verso' is used to indicate direction or destination - the school, in this case. This is a common usage of 'verso' and it can be helpful to practice with different destinations to get comfortable using it in this context.

Verso la fine del film, inizia a piovere.

English translation of Verso la fine del film, inizia a piovere.

Towards the end of the movie, it starts to rain.

Here, 'verso' is used to indicate a point in time close to the end of an event or period of time. It translates to 'towards' in English. In this context, practicing with different events or periods of time can be helpful.

Verso un euro per una mela.

English translation of Verso un euro per una mela.

About one euro for an apple.

In this example, 'verso' is used to indicate an estimated amount or value. It means 'about' in this context. This usage is common in everyday conversation when discussing prices, quantities, etc. Practicing with different items and amounts can be helpful to understand this usage better.

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