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English translation of verde


The Italian word 'verde' is used to describe or denote the color green in a variety of contexts. Just as in English, 'verde' can be used refer to characteristics of objects, landscapes, and symbols, among other things. For example, 'Il prato è verde' translates as 'The lawn is green'.

Example sentences using: verde

Il mio vestito preferito è verde

English translation of Il mio vestito preferito è verde

My favourite dress is green

In this sentence, 'verde' is used as an adjective to describe the colour of my favourite dress. In Italian, adjectives usually come after the noun they modify, unlike English where they usually come before.

Mangia la mela verde

English translation of Mangia la mela verde

Eat the green apple

Here, 'verde' is used to describe the apple. Notice that in Italian, the adjective (verde, or green) typically follows the noun it's describing (mela, or apple), unlike the English language rule where the adjective (green) usually precedes the noun (apple).

Il semaforo è verde

English translation of Il semaforo è verde

The traffic light is green

In this context, 'verde' is used to portray the status of the traffic light. It is describing the color of the traffic light, similar to English. Note, in Italian the adjective follows the noun, unlike English where the adjective usually comes before the noun.

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