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English translation of vedere

to see

In Italian, the verb 'vedere' translates to 'to see' in English. It is commonly used in various contexts such as to physically see or perceive something with the eyes, understanding something clearly, or even in expressions. It can be conjugated depending on the tense and subject pronoun.

Example sentences using: vedere

Vorrei vedere il film

English translation of Vorrei vedere il film

I would like to see the film

This sentence is using 'vedere' to express a desire to watch a movie. In Italian, 'vedere' can mean both 'to see' and 'to watch'. The verb 'vorrei' is first person singular conditional of 'volere' meaning 'I would like'.

Puoi vedere la torre dall'appartamento

English translation of Puoi vedere la torre dall'appartamento

You can see the tower from the apartment

This statement is using 'vedere' to describe the ability to visually perceive the tower from a certain location. 'Puoi' is the second person singular present indicative form of 'potere', which means 'can' or 'to be able to'.

Non riesco a vedere nulla senza i miei occhiali

English translation of Non riesco a vedere nulla senza i miei occhiali

I can't see anything without my glasses

Here, 'vedere' is used to express the inability to see without the aid of glasses. 'Riesco' is the first person singular present indicative of the verb 'riuscire', which translates to 'to be able to' or 'can'. 'Nulla' is a Italian word that means 'nothing'.

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