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English translation of università


The Italian word 'università' means 'university' in English. It is used exactly as in English, to indicate any institution of higher (or tertiary) education and research which awards academic degrees in several academic disciplines. For example, 'Vado all'università' means 'I go to the university'.

Example sentences using: università

Vado all'università ogni giorno.

English translation of Vado all'università ogni giorno.

I go to the university every day.

This sentence uses the word 'università' to describe a daily routine of going to the educational institution.

Sto studiando per un esame all'università.

English translation of Sto studiando per un esame all'università.

I am studying for an exam at university.

In this sentence, 'università' is used to specify the location where the studying is happening specifically for an exam.

L'università è molto difficile.

English translation of L'università è molto difficile.

The university is very difficult.

This sentence uses 'università' to express an opinion about the difficulty level of the educational institution.

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