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English translation of ufficiale


The Italian word 'ufficiale' is used to describe something that is recognized or authorized by a formal and authoritative body. It can be used as an adjective or a noun, similar to the English word 'official'. For example, 'documento ufficiale' means 'official document' and 'ufficiale di stato civile' means 'civil registrar'.

Example sentences using: ufficiale

Sono un ufficiale di polizia.

English translation of Sono un ufficiale di polizia.

I am a police officer.

In this sentence, 'ufficiale' is used in describing one's profession. The phrase 'Sono un ufficiale di polizia' is used when one wants to state his or her occupation as a 'police officer' in Italian, in categorical or declarative context.

L'ufficiale ha dato l'ordine.

English translation of L'ufficiale ha dato l'ordine.

The officer gave the order.

The word 'ufficiale' is used here to show hierarchy in military or police context. 'L'ufficiale ha dato l'ordine' is a typical phrase expressing that an entity with higher authority (the officer) commanded other entities with lower authority to do something or follow instructions. This is often used in contexts where orders and obedience are paramount.

Il documento ufficiale è arrivato.

English translation of Il documento ufficiale è arrivato.

The official document has arrived.

In this instance, 'ufficiale' is used as an adjective in Italian to describe the 'document'. When something is referred to as being 'ufficiale', it implies that it is legally or formally acknowledged or accepted. 'Il documento ufficiale è arrivato' is a phrase used to express that a formal or official document has been received.

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