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English translation of tutto


The Italian word 'tutto' translates to 'everything' in English. It is broadly used in the same context as it is in English. For example, you might use it when saying 'I gave him everything' which would translate to 'Gli ho dato tutto' in Italian.

Example sentences using: tutto

Ho dato tutto per la mia famiglia.

English translation of Ho dato tutto per la mia famiglia.

I gave everything for my family.

This example indicates a metaphorical and emotional usage of 'tutto', signifying that the person has given all their efforts, emotions or resources for their family.

Tutto è possibile.

English translation of Tutto è possibile.

Everything is possible.

In this sentence, 'tutto' is used in a philosophical/proverbial context which translates to general belief that every outcome, option, or possibility is achievable or realizable.

Tutto il cibo è delizioso.

English translation of Tutto il cibo è delizioso.

All the food is delicious.

'Tutto' in this context is used to describe every unit or item within an entire group, emphasizing the quantity and specific items within the group. In this case, it refers to all the food items being delicious.

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