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English translation of turista


The Italian word for tourist is 'turista'. Just like English, it is used to refer to a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure. It's used in various contexts, such as 'sono un turista' which means 'I am a tourist'.

Example sentences using: turista

Sono un turista in questo paese.

English translation of Sono un turista in questo paese.

I am a tourist in this country.

This sentence is used to express that the speaker is a tourist visiting a country. It uses 'Sono' (I am) followed by 'un turista' (a tourist) and 'in questo paese' (in this country).

Il turista ha osservato la mappa della città.

English translation of Il turista ha osservato la mappa della città.

The tourist looked at the city map.

This sentence is depicting a scenario where a tourist is looking at a city map. 'Il turista' (the tourist) is followed by 'ha osservato' (looked at) and 'la mappa della città' (the city map).

English translation of Questo museo è molto popolare tra i turisti.

This museum is very popular among tourists.

The sentence describes a museum popular among tourists. 'Questo museo' (This museum) is followed by 'è molto popolare' (is very popular) and 'tra i turisti' (among tourists).

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