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English translation of triste


The Italian word 'triste' is used to describe a state of unhappiness, just like in English. It can describe a person's mood, or to describe particular situations or events are causing sorrow. For example, 'Sono triste' means 'I am sad'.

Example sentences using: triste

È un giorno triste.

English translation of È un giorno triste.

It's a sad day.

This is a simple sentence, used to express a general feeling of sadness about the day. The adjective 'triste' is used here to describe a day, indicated by 'un giorno' in Italian.

Lui è molto triste oggi.

English translation of Lui è molto triste oggi.

He is very sad today.

This sentence is an expression of a person's current emotional state. The person identified as 'he', denoted by 'lui' in Italian is described as being 'very sad', translated as 'molto triste' in Italian.

Questa canzone è triste.

English translation of Questa canzone è triste.

This song is sad.

In this sentence, we're stating that a specific song, denoted by 'questa canzone' in Italian, is sad, a sentiment expressed by the Italian adjective 'triste'. This could be based on the melody, lyrics or overall tone of the song.

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