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English translation of treno


The Italian word 'treno' is used to refer to a form of transport that travels along a track. It is used in similar contexts as the English word 'train', such as in the phrases 'take the train' (prendere il treno) or 'train station' (stazione del treno).

Example sentences using: treno

Prendo il treno tutte le mattine.

English translation of Prendo il treno tutte le mattine.

I take the train every morning.

This phrase demonstrates a common everyday task, using the word 'treno' in the context of daily commute. 'Prendo' means 'I take' in English, showing the action of taking a train.

La stazione del treno è vicina.

English translation of La stazione del treno è vicina.

The train station is nearby.

This sentence can be used when giving directions or describing the distance between the train station and another location. 'La stazione del treno' translates to 'the train station' and 'è vicina' means 'is nearby' in English.

Mi piace leggere sul treno.

English translation of Mi piace leggere sul treno.

I like to read on the train.

This phrase illustrates a personal preference, the enjoyment of reading while travelling by train. 'Mi piace' means 'I like' and 'leggere sul treno' translates to 'to read on the train', expressing an activity one enjoys doing during a train journey.

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