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English translation of tre


The Italian word 'tre' is equivalent to the English word 'three'. It is used in exactly the same context to denote the quantity of three. It is used in counting, numbering, ordering, and indicating the amount of something.

Example sentences using: tre

Ho tre gatti a casa.

English translation of Ho tre gatti a casa.

I have three cats at home.

This phrase is used to express owning or possessing three of something, in this case, cats. This is commonly used in daily conversation and can be replaced with any other possession.

Vorrei tre panini, per favore.

English translation of Vorrei tre panini, per favore.

I would like three sandwiches, please.

This sentence shows how to use 'tre' in a request at a restaurant or food stand. 'Vorrei' is a polite way to say 'I would like' and 'per favore' is the Italian equivalent of 'please'.

Ci sono tre libri sul tavolo.

English translation of Ci sono tre libri sul tavolo.

There are three books on the table.

This is a phrase used to describe the presence of three items (in this case, books) located at a specific place (on the table). 'Ci sono' means 'there are', 'libri' means 'books', and 'sul tavolo' means 'on the table'.

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