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English translation of test


The word 'test' in Italian is also 'test'. It is used in the same way as in English, such as in a school test or a medical test.

Example sentences using: test

Ho un test domani

English translation of Ho un test domani

I have a test tomorrow

This phrase is used when someone wants to express that they have an examination on the following day. 'Ho' is the first person form of the verb 'avere' which means 'to have'. 'Un test' is the indefinite article 'a' followed by 'test'. 'Domani' translates to 'tomorrow'.

Cosa pensi di questo test?

English translation of Cosa pensi di questo test?

What do you think of this test?

This sentence may be used to ask someone their opinion about a specific test. 'Cosa pensi' translates to 'What do you think'. 'Di questo' means 'of this'. And 'test' is test.

Il test era difficile

English translation of Il test era difficile

The test was difficult

This is a phrase that might be used after an examination if it was challenging. 'Il test' translates to 'the test'. 'Era' is the past tense of the verb 'essere' meaning 'was'. 'Difficile' translates to 'difficult'.

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