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English translation of tempo


In Italian, 'tempo' can be used in a similar way to the English word 'time'. You can use it to refer to the concept of time itself, use it to tell the time on a clock, or use it when talking about the weather. It's a versatile word, just like 'time' in English.

Example sentences using: tempo

Non ho tempo per giocare

English translation of Non ho tempo per giocare

I do not have time to play

In this sentence, 'tempo' is used to refer to the amount of available time the speaker has. Saying 'Non ho tempo' is a common way of stating you're busy in Italian.

Il tempo è denaro

English translation of Il tempo è denaro

Time is money

The statement 'il tempo è denaro' is a popular phrase used across many languages including Italian. In this context, 'tempo' is used to express the idea that one's time is a valuable commodity.

Tempo fa, ho vissuto in Italia

English translation of Tempo fa, ho vissuto in Italia

Some time ago, I lived in Italy

In this sentence, 'Tempo fa' is an idiomatic expression in Italian which means 'some time ago'. Here, 'tempo' represents a period of time in the past.

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