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English translation of solo


The word 'solo' in Italian is used in the same way as in English to mean 'only' or 'alone'. It can be used to indicate exclusivity or singularity. For example, 'I have only one book' translates to 'Ho solo un libro'.

Example sentences using: solo

Vivo solo in una grande città.

English translation of Vivo solo in una grande città.

I live alone in a big city.

This sentence describes a person's living situation. In this case, the person lives by themselves in a large city. Here, 'solo' is used to convey the meaning of alone or by oneself.

Ho solo due opzioni.

English translation of Ho solo due opzioni.

I only have two options.

This sentence is often used in a situation where someone is faced with a limited number of choices. The word 'solo' in this context adds the meaning of limitation.

Il caffè è solo per adulti.

English translation of Il caffè è solo per adulti.

Coffee is only for adults.

In this context, 'solo' is used to indicate exclusivity, implying that coffee is only meant for consumption by adults and not children.

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