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English translation of sistema


The Italian word 'sistema' is used similarly to the English term 'system'. They both are used to describe a set or arrangement of things that work together as a whole. For instance, in the context of information technology, a 'sistema operativo' means an 'operating system'. It can also be used to describe a method or set of procedures for achieving something, just as 'system' is used in English.

Example sentences using: sistema

Dobbiamo aggiornare il sistema.

English translation of Dobbiamo aggiornare il sistema.

We need to update the system.

In this sentence, 'sistema' refers to a computer or software system that needs an update to function properly.

Il sistema solare è vasto.

English translation of Il sistema solare è vasto.

The solar system is vast.

Here, 'sistema' is used in an astronomical context, referring specifically to the solar system, which includes the sun and all the objects that orbit the sun.

Questo sistema non funziona.

English translation of Questo sistema non funziona.

This system does not work.

This sentence suggests that a given 'system', which can refer to a machine, a plan, or a method, is not functioning as expected.

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