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English translation of sempre


The Italian word 'sempre' is used similarly to 'always' in English. It can be used to refer to something that happens constantly or without interruption. For instance, 'Io vado sempre al lavoro in autobus' translates to 'I always go to work by bus'.

Example sentences using: sempre

Sono sempre felice.

English translation of Sono sempre felice.

I am always happy.

This sentence uses the Italian word 'sempre' to express a continuous state or action. It is common to use 'sempre' to indicate something that continues to be true.

Sei sempre il migliore.

English translation of Sei sempre il migliore.

You are always the best.

This sentence uses 'sempre' to portray an unchanging situation, emphasizing the consistency of the person being addressed being the best.

Stiamo sempre insieme.

English translation of Stiamo sempre insieme.

We are always together.

In this sentence, 'sempre' is used to express a continuous state. 'Stiamo sempre insieme' shows a constant state of togetherness.

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