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English translation of sembrare


In Italian, 'sembrare' is an intransitive verb used to express what seems to be, to appear or to look like. For instance, 'Mi sembra bello' translates to 'It seems beautiful to me'. The verb 'sembrare' is often used with adjective or other verbs in the infinitive form.

Example sentences using: sembrare

Sembra che stia per piovere

English translation of Sembra che stia per piovere

It seems that it's going to rain

In this sentence, the verb 'sembrare' is used as 'it seems'. The 'che' clause is used to specify what it seems like, that is, 'that it's going to rain'.

Mi sembra una buona idea

English translation of Mi sembra una buona idea

It seems to me a good idea

In this example, the verb 'sembrare' is used to express personal impression or judgement. The phrase 'Mi sembra' can be translated as 'It seems to me'.

Non sembra giusto

English translation of Non sembra giusto

It does not seem fair

In this phrase, 'sembrare' is used along with a negation 'non', to indicate that something doesn't appear to be. It expresses disagreement or disapproval.

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