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English translation of scrivere

to write

The Italian verb 'scrivere' translates to 'to write' in English. It is used exactly the same way in Italian as you’d use 'to write' in English. It encompasses the act of writing anything - from writing a book, 'scrivere un libro', to writing an email, 'scrivere una mail'.

Example sentences using: scrivere

Voglio scrivere un libro

English translation of Voglio scrivere un libro

I want to write a book

This sentence is an example of expressing a desire or intention to do something, in this case, the verb 'write' ('scrivere') is used in its infinitive form to express the action that the speaker wants to perform.

Dovresti scrivere una lettera

English translation of Dovresti scrivere una lettera

You should write a letter

The example given here highlights the use of 'scrivere' in a recommendation or suggestion context. The modal verb 'dovresti' (should) is used to indicate advice or suggestion, followed by the action that is suggested - to write a letter.

Posso scrivere sulla lavagna?

English translation of Posso scrivere sulla lavagna?

Can I write on the blackboard?

In this sentence, 'scrivere' is put in a question context. Here, the speaker is asking for permission to perform the action of writing on the blackboard. It is common to use the verb 'posso' (can) when asking for permission to do something in Italian.

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