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English translation of scelta


The Italian word 'scelta' is used to express a choice or selection between different options. It is a noun that can be used in various contexts, such as making a decision, picking an item, or choosing a course of action. The word can be modified by adjectives to describe the nature of the choice, such as 'buona scelta' (good choice) or 'cattiva scelta' (bad choice).

Example sentences using: scelta

La scelta è tua

English translation of La scelta è tua

The choice is yours

This phrase is often used to give responsibility of making a decision to another person.

Non ho scelta

English translation of Non ho scelta

I have no choice

It is commonly used when one feels that there are no other options available and has to take the only decision left.

Questa è una difficile scelta

English translation of Questa è una difficile scelta

This is a difficult choice

It can be used in situations where one has to make a decision that is not easy.

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