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English translation of sbagliato


The Italian word 'sbagliato' is used as an adjective to denote that something is incorrect or not right. It can be used in various contexts just like the English equivalent 'wrong'. For example, if you answer a question incorrectly in Italy, someone might say that your answer is 'sbagliato'.

Example sentences using: sbagliato

Hai sbagliato strada.

English translation of Hai sbagliato strada.

You took the wrong way.

This sentence is usually used to indicate that someone has made a mistake in the path they have taken, not necessarily a physical path, but also in decision making or in life.

Sei sicuro di non aver sbagliato?

English translation of Sei sicuro di non aver sbagliato?

Are you sure you didn't make a mistake?

This phrase is often used to question the correctness of someone's action or statement, implying doubt or skepticism.

Il mio approccio era totalmente sbagliato.

English translation of Il mio approccio era totalmente sbagliato.

My approach was totally wrong.

This sentence is used when the speaker realizes that the method they used to do something was incorrect or inappropriate, often leading to undesirable results.

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