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English translation of sapere


The word 'sapere' is a verb in Italian that means 'to know'. It is used to express knowledge or understanding of a fact, information, or skill. For example, 'So parlare italiano' means 'I know how to speak Italian'.

Example sentences using: sapere

Non so nuotare.

English translation of Non so nuotare.

I do not know how to swim.

In this sentence, 'sapere' is used in its literal sense to express lack of knowledge or ability in a certain area, in this case, swimming.

Devi sapere che non sono d'accordo.

English translation of Devi sapere che non sono d'accordo.

You should know that I disagree.

'Sapere' is used here to inform someone else about your state of knowledge or opinion. In this instance, the speaker is informing the listener about their disagreement.

Sapevo che sarebbe arrivato tardi.

English translation of Sapevo che sarebbe arrivato tardi.

I knew he would arrive late.

This sentence uses the past tense of 'sapere', indicating that the speaker had previous knowledge that the individual would arrive late.

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