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English translation of salute


The Italian word for health, 'salute', can be used in many of the same contexts as the English word 'health'. For example, it can be used to talk about physical or mental well-being. It's also used in toasts, much like saying 'cheers' in English.

Example sentences using: salute

Brindo alla tua salute!

English translation of Brindo alla tua salute!

I toast to your health!

This phrase is commonly used in social gatherings where Italians make a toast. 'Salute' in this context means 'health', and it is generally used to wish good health upon someone. The phrase does not use 'salute' as a suffix.

La salute è importante.

English translation of La salute è importante.

Health is important.

This is a straightforward sentence where 'salute' stands for 'health'. It emphasizes the importance of good health. The sentence is simple and commonly used in everyday Italian conversations, and it does not use 'salute' as a suffix.

Prenditi cura della tua salute.

English translation of Prenditi cura della tua salute.

Take care of your health.

This phrase is often used in contexts where someone is advising or reminding another to look after their health. Again, 'salute' here indicates 'health' and does not appear as a suffix in the phrase.

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