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English translation of rivedere

to review

The Italian verb 'rivedere' translates to 'to review' in English. This is used in the sense of examining something, such as a book or a lesson, with the intention of recalling what has already been learned. Examples include: 'Devo rivedere questa lezione' (I need to review this lesson), 'Potresti rivedere il mio articolo?' (Could you review my article?).

Example sentences using: rivedere

Dobbiamo rivedere il nostro piano.

English translation of Dobbiamo rivedere il nostro piano.

We need to review our plan.

In this sentence, 'rivedere' is used to express the need to look over the plan again, reflecting the action of 'reviewing' something.

Voglio rivedere quel film.

English translation of Voglio rivedere quel film.

I want to review that movie.

Here, the speaker is expressing a desire to watch a particular movie again. The verb 'rivedere' can be used in the context of watching a film or show for the second time.

Sarà un piacere rivedere te.

English translation of Sarà un piacere rivedere te.

It will be a pleasure to see you again.

In this instance, 'rivedere' refers to meeting or seeing someone again, often after a period of time has passed.

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