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English translation of rimanere


The Italian word 'rimanere' is used similarly to the English word 'stay'. It can mean to remain in the same place or to continue to be in the same state or condition. Use it in sentences where you would normally use 'stay' in English.

Example sentences using: rimanere

Devi rimanere forte

English translation of Devi rimanere forte

You have to stay strong

In this sentence, 'rimanere' is used to express the idea of 'staying' or 'remaining' in a particular state, in this case, being strong.

Voglio rimanere qui

English translation of Voglio rimanere qui

I want to stay here

In this example, 'rimanere' is used to convey the desire to 'stay' in a particular place, which is 'here' in this context.

Potrebbe rimanere bloccato

English translation of Potrebbe rimanere bloccato

It could get stuck

Here, 'rimanere' is used to express the possibility ('could') of something 'remaining' or 'staying' in an undesirable state, in this case, being stuck or blocked.

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