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English translation of presto


The Italian word 'presto' is used similarly as the English word 'early'. It is commonly used to refer to an event or activity happening before the expected, usual or planed time. E.G: If you want to say 'I wake up early' in Italian, you say 'Mi sveglio presto'.

Example sentences using: presto

Presto, dobbiamo andare!

English translation of Presto, dobbiamo andare!

Hurry, we must go!

This phrase uses 'presto' in the sense of urging someone to be quick or hurry up. It's often used when there's a sense of urgency.

Il ristorante chiude presto.

English translation of Il ristorante chiude presto.

The restaurant closes early.

In this sentence, 'presto' is used to describe something happening early in time, which is another common usage of 'presto' in Italian.

Vedrò il film il più presto possibile.

English translation of Vedrò il film il più presto possibile.

I will see the movie as soon as possible.

This phrase employs 'presto' in a slightly different sense, referring to doing something 'as soon as possible'. It's a common way to use 'presto' to indicate a high priority.

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