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English translation of potrebbe


The Italian word 'potrebbe' is a conditional verb typically used in a way analogous to 'could' in English. It translates to 'he/she/it could' and is often used to express possibility, suggest solutions or ask polite questions. In conversational Italian, 'potrebbe' is suitable for most contexts where 'could' would be used in English.

Example sentences using: potrebbe

Potrebbe essere la scelta migliore.

English translation of Potrebbe essere la scelta migliore.

It could be the best choice.

In this sentence, 'potrebbe' is used to speculate that something has the potential to be the best choice. The auxiliary 'essere' is used together with 'potrebbe' to form the conditional mood.

Non so se potrebbe venire.

English translation of Non so se potrebbe venire.

I don't know if he could come.

Here, 'potrebbe' is used to express uncertainty, implied by the phrase 'I don't know'. It is used with the verb 'venire' which means 'to come'.

Potrebbe piovere domani.

English translation of Potrebbe piovere domani.

It might rain tomorrow.

In this example, 'potrebbe' is used to indicate the potential for something to happen in the future, in this case, the possibility of rain tomorrow.

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