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English translation of posto


The Italian word 'posto' translates to 'place' in English. It can refer to a specific location or area, such as 'questo è il mio posto preferito' meaning 'this is my favorite place'. Just like in English, 'posto' can also be used in various contexts, including in phrases and idioms.

Example sentences using: posto

Posso prendere questo posto?

English translation of Posso prendere questo posto?

Can I take this spot?

This phrase is typically used in contexts where you are asking for permission to occupy a physical spot, like a seat or a place in line.

Quel posto è occupato.

English translation of Quel posto è occupato.

That place is occupied.

This phrase can be used to state that a particular place, perhaps a seat or a room, is taken or occupied by someone else.

Hai prenotato il tuo posto?

English translation of Hai prenotato il tuo posto?

Did you reserve your seat?

This phrase is used when asking someone if they have made a reservation for a particular spot, typically a seat in a venue or a transport vehicle.

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