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English translation of pollo


In Italian, 'pollo' is used to refer to chicken. It is used in the same context as in English, for the bird as well as its meat. For example, 'pollo arrosto' is roast chicken.

Example sentences using: pollo

Ho mangiato il pollo per cena ieri.

English translation of Ho mangiato il pollo per cena ieri.

I ate chicken for dinner yesterday.

This sentence is using past tense to indicate an action that has occurred previously. In this scenario, the speaker consumed chicken for their evening meal the day before.

Mi piace il pollo al forno.

English translation of Mi piace il pollo al forno.

This is a simple sentence expressing a personal preference for a certain type of food, specifically, baked chicken.


Dov'è il mio pollo?

English translation of Dov'è il mio pollo?

Where is my chicken?

This sentence is a question asking about the location of a specific item, in this case, the speaker's chicken.

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