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English translation of pieno


The Italian word 'pieno' can be used to describe when something is full, without empty space or void. It could be a glass of water that is 'pieno', a room that is 'pieno' of people, or a day that is 'pieno' of appointments. Just like in English, 'pieno' is used to signify a state where nothing more can be added.

Example sentences using: pieno

Il bicchiere è pieno d'acqua.

English translation of Il bicchiere è pieno d'acqua.

The glass is full of water.

This sentence is an example of using 'pieno' in a context of describing a capacity, indicating that the glass is filled up with water, leaving no room for more.

Il negozio è pieno di gente.

English translation of Il negozio è pieno di gente.

The store is full of people.

In this example, 'pieno' is used to indicate a large quantity of people, suggesting that the store is busy, crowded and there are a lot of people.

Sono pieno dopo pranzo.

English translation of Sono pieno dopo pranzo.

I am full after lunch.

Here 'pieno' is used to express the feeling of satiety, meaning that no more food is desired after lunch because the person feels fully satisfied.

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