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English translation of piace


The Italian word 'piace' translates to 'like' in English. This word is used in sentences to express a fondness or preference for something or someone. It's important to note that the verb 'piacere' behaves differently than English verbs, as it requires the use of indirect object pronouns.

Example sentences using: piace

Mi piace la pizza.

English translation of Mi piace la pizza.

I like pizza.

In this sentence, 'Mi piace la pizza', the Italian verb 'piace' is used to express liking or preference for something. In English, this translates directly to 'I like pizza'. The indirect object pronoun 'mi' (me) is used before 'piace' to indicate who likes or is pleased by the pizza.

A Giulia piace leggere.

English translation of A Giulia piace leggere.

Julia likes to read.

The sentence 'A Giulia piace leggere' demonstrates that 'piace' can be used to express liking for an activity, in this case, reading ('leggere'). The preposition 'a' is used before the person's name (Giulia) to denote to whom the following action - reading - is pleasing.

Ti piace il gelato al cioccolato?

English translation of Ti piace il gelato al cioccolato?

Do you like chocolate ice cream?

In the phrase 'Ti piace il gelato al cioccolato?', 'piace' is used in a question format. The indirect object pronoun 'ti' (you) is positioned before 'piace' to indicate the person to whom the question is directed. Likewise, the phrase in English would be 'Do you like chocolate ice cream?'

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