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English translation of pensare

to think

The Italian verb 'pensare' translates to 'to think' in English and it is often used in contexts such as thinking about something or somebody, planning or intending to do something. It can be conjugated into different tenses and forms, based on the subject and context of the sentence.

Example sentences using: pensare

Penso che questo sia un buon ristorante

English translation of Penso che questo sia un buon ristorante

I think this is a good restaurant

This is a subjective sentence where the speaker is sharing their opinion about a restaurant. In Italian, the verb 'penso' which means 'I think' is used to express an opinion.

Non posso fare a meno di pensare a lei

English translation of Non posso fare a meno di pensare a lei

I cannot help but think about her

This Italian sentence is used when someone is continually thinking about another person. The phrase 'Non posso fare a meno di' translates to 'I cannot help but' and it is followed by 'pensare a lei' which means 'think about her'.

Mi fa pensare a casa

English translation of Mi fa pensare a casa

It makes me think of home

The phrase is used to express that something reminds the person of home. 'Mi fa pensare a casa' directly translates to 'it makes me think of home'. The verb 'fa' is a form of 'fare' which means 'to do' or 'to make' is used in this context to mean 'makes'.

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