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English translation of pazienza


In Italian, the word 'pazienza' is commonly used to say 'patience'. It is often used in situations where patience is required. Just like in English, it can be used in a context such as waiting for something or someone, dealing with a difficult situation, or tolerating a delay.

Example sentences using: pazienza

Abbi pazienza, arriveremo presto.

English translation of Abbi pazienza, arriveremo presto.

Have patience, we'll arrive soon.

This Italian phrase is used to request someone to stay calm and patient because we will get to our destination soon. 'Abbi' is a form of 'avere' (to have) and 'presto' means soon.

Pazienza, avremo un'altra possibilità.

English translation of Pazienza, avremo un'altra possibilità.

Patience, we'll have another opportunity.

In this context, 'pazienza' is used as an interjection expressing tolerance or resignation. The usage implies that patience is needed because another opportunity will come.

La pazienza è la chiave del successo.

English translation of La pazienza è la chiave del successo.

Patience is the key to success.

This idiomatic phrase is a direct translation between both languages. It means that being patient or waiting without getting upset can lead to success.

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