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English translation of parola


The Italian word 'parola' translates to 'word' in English. It's used in the same way as in English to represent an individual element of language or speech. It can be used in various contexts, such as asking for the 'parola' meaning of a word, or saying 'una parola' to mean 'a word'.

Example sentences using: parola

La parola è molto potente.

English translation of La parola è molto potente.

The word is very powerful.

This sentence explains the power of words, indicating that they could have consequential effects.

Non capisco questa parola.

English translation of Non capisco questa parola.

I don't understand this word.

The speaker of this sentence is expressing their confusion about a certain word, possibly due to the lack of knowledge about its meaning.

Hai detto una parola sbagliata.

English translation of Hai detto una parola sbagliata.

You've said a wrong word.

This sentence is a direct way of letting someone know they have used an incorrect word, perhaps in a conversation or in writing.

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