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English translation of padrino


The term 'padrino' is used in Italian to describe a man who is chosen by the parents to be a spiritual guide and role model for a child. This role is often designated at religious events such as baptisms. 'Padrino' can also be used in a more secular context, referring to someone who uses their influence to help another person, resembling the role of a mentor.

Example sentences using: padrino

Il mio padrino lavora in banca

English translation of Il mio padrino lavora in banca

My godfather works in a bank

This sentence uses the term 'padrino' to refer to a person's godfather. In this context, the speaker is indicating his godfather's profession; he is employed in a bank.

Il Padrino è un film iconico

English translation of Il Padrino è un film iconico

The Godfather is an iconic movie

Here, 'Il Padrino' is the Italian title of the famous American movie The Godfather. The speaker is expressing that this movie is iconic, indicating its significant cultural and cinematic impact.

Luca è il padrino della mia figlia

English translation of Luca è il padrino della mia figlia

Luca is my daughter's godfather

In this sentence, the speaker uses 'padrino' to express that Luca is the godfather of her daughter, denoting the relationship of Luca to the speaker's daughter in terms of a religious or ceremonial role.

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