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English translation of opportunità


The Italian word 'opportunità' is used similarly to the English word 'chance'. It represents the possibility to do something or the occurrence of a favorable situation. It can be used in various contexts whether business, personal or random events.

Example sentences using: opportunità

Questa è una grande opportunità per te

English translation of Questa è una grande opportunità per te

This is a great opportunity for you

This phrase is often used to denote that a presented option or situation could be very beneficial for the person it's addressed to, often in a professional or personal development context.

Ho perso l'opportunità di incontrarla

English translation of Ho perso l'opportunità di incontrarla

I missed the opportunity to meet her

This sentence indicates regret or disappointment over a missed chance or possibility of meeting someone. Most commonly used in personal conversations.

L'opportunità non capita sempre

English translation of L'opportunità non capita sempre

Opportunity doesn't always happen

This phrase is a reminder of the importance to seize opportunities when they arise, as they may not come often. It is generally used to motivate action or decision-making.

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