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English translation of opportunità


In Italian, the word 'opportunità' is used to express a favorable or advantageous circumstance that makes it possible to do something. It is a noun that can be used in various contexts, such as business, personal life, or education. For example, 'Questa è un'opportunità unica' means 'This is a unique opportunity.' It can also be used in the plural form, 'opportunità', to express multiple opportunities.

Example sentences using: opportunità

Questa è una grande opportunità per te.

English translation of Questa è una grande opportunità per te.

This is a great opportunity for you.

This sentence is expressing that a certain situation or occurrence is a valuable chance or opening for the individual being addressed.

Non perdere questa opportunità.

English translation of Non perdere questa opportunità.

Do not miss this opportunity.

This sentence is a directive or advice to the listener not to let a particular valuable or favorable circumstance pass by.

L'opportunità si presenta una volta nella vita.

English translation of L'opportunità si presenta una volta nella vita.

The opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

This sentence is a common saying used to convey that certain favorable circumstances or chances do not recur and are very rare, therefore one should make the most of them when they occur.

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