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English translation of ogni


The Italian word 'ogni' is used in the same context as the English word 'every'. It's often placed before nouns to mean 'all possible' or 'each', such as in 'ogni giorno' which translates to 'every day'.

Example sentences using: ogni

Ogni uomo è un'isola

English translation of Ogni uomo è un'isola

Every man is an island

It is an idiomatic phrase saying that each individual is unique, self-contained and self-sufficient which signifies the importance of self-reliance.

Ogni giorno è un nuovo inizio

English translation of Ogni giorno è un nuovo inizio

Every day is a new beginning

This phrase is emphasizing the importance of each new day, implying that it offers a fresh start or new opportunities.

Ogni promessa è debito

English translation of Ogni promessa è debito

Every promise is a debt

It's a common saying that underscores the importance of keeping one's promises. It emphasizes that when you make a promise, you have a responsibility to fulfill it.

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