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English translation of oggi


The Italian word for 'today' is 'oggi'. It is used in the same context as in English, to refer to the current day. It can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of the sentence. For example, 'Oggi fa bel tempo' means 'Today the weather is nice'.

Example sentences using: oggi

Oggi fa molto caldo

English translation of Oggi fa molto caldo

Today it is very hot

This sentence is used to express the hotness of the weather today. 'Fa' is used in Italian to express 'it is' for weather and 'molto caldo' means 'very hot'.

Oggi andiamo al cinema

English translation of Oggi andiamo al cinema

Today we are going to the cinema

This sentence tells about a plan to go to the cinema today. 'Andiamo' is a first person plural present indicative of the verb 'andare' (go) and 'al cinema' means 'to the cinema'.

Oggi è il mio compleanno

English translation of Oggi è il mio compleanno

Today is my birthday

This sentence is used to express that today is the speaker's birthday. 'È' is the third person singular of the verb 'essere' (be) and 'il mio compleanno' means 'my birthday'.

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