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English translation of odio


The Italian word 'odio' is used to express a strong dislike or hostility towards someone or something. It is a noun and can be used in sentences such as 'Non sopporto il suo odio' which translates to 'I can't stand his hatred'.

Example sentences using: odio

Odio quando piove.

English translation of Odio quando piove.

I hate when it rains.

This sentence is expressing a negative sentiment towards a specific event or condition, in this case, the event of raining is met with dislike.

Lei odia fare i compiti.

English translation of Lei odia fare i compiti.

She hates doing homework.

This phrase is stating the subject's strong dislike or distaste towards a certain activity, which is the action of doing homework in this context.

L'odio è un sentimento forte.

English translation of L'odio è un sentimento forte.

Hate is a strong feeling.

This sentence is making a general statement about the nature of hate, characterizing it as a powerful emotion.

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