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English translation of negozio


In Italian, the word 'negozio' is used to refer to a store or a shop. It can be used to describe a variety of retail establishments, from small, family-owned businesses to large department stores. For example, one might say 'Vado al negozio di abbigliamento' (I'm going to the clothing store).

Example sentences using: negozio

Sto andando al negozio

English translation of Sto andando al negozio

I am going to the store

This sentence uses the word 'negozio' (store) to describe a common action, going to the store. The verb 'sto' means 'I am', 'andando' is the gerund form of 'to go' and 'al' is a contraction of 'a' (to) and 'il' (the).

Il negozio è vicino alla mia casa

English translation of Il negozio è vicino alla mia casa

The store is near my house


Hanno chiuso il negozio ieri

English translation of Hanno chiuso il negozio ieri

They closed the store yesterday

This sentence uses 'negozio' in a past action context meaning 'store'. 'Hanno chiuso' is the third person plural of 'chiudere' (to close) in perfect tense, 'il' is the definite article 'the', and 'ieri' means 'yesterday'.

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