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English translation of molto


The Italian word 'molto' is used similarly to the English 'very' and is used to emphasize an adjective, an adverb or another adverb. For example, 'molto bene' (very well), 'molto velocemente' (very quickly), 'molto molto lontano' (very very far). It is also used to indicate a large quantity of something, as in 'molto pane' (a lot of bread).

Example sentences using: molto

Mi piace molto la tua casa.

English translation of Mi piace molto la tua casa.

I like your house a lot.

In this sentence, 'molto' modifies the verb 'piace' to express the degree of likeliness, thus translated as 'a lot'.

Lui lavora molto.

English translation of Lui lavora molto.

He works a lot.

Here, 'molto' is used to intensify the verb 'lavora' (works). So, the sentence states that he works to a great extent or a lot.

Ho molto da fare.

English translation of Ho molto da fare.

I have a lot to do.

In this example, 'molto' is connected with 'da fare' (to do) to express the large amount of things or tasks that the speaker needs to do.

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