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English translation of merda


Merda is the Italian word for 'shit'. It is used in the same way as in English, to express frustration, anger, or disgust. However, it is considered a vulgar word and should be used sparingly in polite conversation.

Example sentences using: merda

La mia giornata è andata a merda

English translation of La mia giornata è andata a merda

My day has gone to shit

This phrase is typically used to express heavy dissatisfaction, suggesting that everything that could have potentially gone wrong has indeed gone wrong much to the speaker's chagrin.

Cosa c'è in quella merda?

English translation of Cosa c'è in quella merda?

What's in that shit?

This sentence is generally used when a speaker, exhibiting a degree of contempt or disdain, seeks to know what is contained within a specific object or concept.

Sei pieno di merda

English translation of Sei pieno di merda

You are full of shit

This phrase is used expressively by a speaker to imply that the individual being addressed is being dishonest or not telling the complete truth.

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