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English translation of mela


The word 'mela' in Italian is used in the same way as the English word 'apple'. It refers to the sweet, round fruit that comes from an apple tree. Examples of usage could be: 'Mangio una mela' (I eat an apple), 'Questa mela è deliziosa' (This apple is delicious).

Example sentences using: mela

Mangio una mela ogni giorno.

English translation of Mangio una mela ogni giorno.

I eat an apple every day.

This sentence uses the word 'mela' (which is Italian for apple) in the context of a simple daily routine or habit. You would use this sentence to tell someone that eating an apple is something you do every day.

Questa mela è molto dolce.

English translation of Questa mela è molto dolce.

This apple is very sweet.

In this sentence, the word 'mela' is used as the subject, and the sentence is expressing an opinion about the sweetness of the apple. This is a typical way you might use 'mela' when you're talking about its taste or quality.

Raccogliere la mela dal giardino.

English translation of Raccogliere la mela dal giardino.

Pick up the apple from the garden.

This sentence is a piece of instruction or suggestion using the word 'mela'. Here, 'Raccogliere' implies the action of 'picking up' something - in this case, an apple from the garden.

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