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English translation of mano


The Italian word for 'hand' is 'mano'. It is a feminine noun in Italian and is used in many of the same contexts as it is in English. For example, 'dare una mano' means 'to give a hand'.

Example sentences using: mano

Dammi la mano.

English translation of Dammi la mano.

Give me your hand.

This is a direct request often used when someone wants to help another person, like when crossing the street, or when comforting someone.

Ho preso il libro a mano.

English translation of Ho preso il libro a mano.

I took the book by hand.

In this phrase, the speaker is implying that they physically picked up and held the book, emphasizing the use of their hand.

Non ho mai mangiato con le mani.

English translation of Non ho mai mangiato con le mani.

I have never eaten with my hands.

This sentence is self-explanatory - the speaker has not used their hands for eating before, or usually doesn't eat with their hands.

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