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English translation of mangiare

to eat

The Italian verb 'mangiare' shares a similar function to the English verb 'to eat', and it can be used in the same types of sentences and contexts. As in English, it refers to the act of consuming food. The conjugation of 'mangiare' varies based on tense and the subject of the sentence.

Example sentences using: mangiare

Mi piace mangiare la pizza

English translation of Mi piace mangiare la pizza

I like eating pizza

In this sentence, the verb 'mangiare', which means 'to eat', is used to express a personal preference for eating a specific food, in this case - pizza.

Devi mangiare più verdure

English translation of Devi mangiare più verdure

You need to eat more vegetables

This sentence uses the verb 'mangiare' to give an advice or imperative statement regarding the consumption of more vegetables.

Posso mangiare un gelato?

English translation of Posso mangiare un gelato?

Can I eat an ice cream?

The sentence uses 'mangiare' in a question, indicating the speaker's request for permission to eat an ice cream.

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